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Series IV and Series V

Series IV Tree Shear for Farm Tractor, $3995
Fits Tractor 3-Point and most Front-end Loaders
New Series V Tree Shear, $3995
shown with tractor hitch for 3 point or loader.




In October 2007, we added the Series V Hydraulic Tree Shear, which has longer cylinder stroke, that can cut up to a 14-3/4" diameter in the first cut.   Blades open wider, allowing trees to be cut deeper between blades.  Blade braces also have more space between them to clear low limbs on such trees as cedar and mesquite. 

We will continue to offer the Series IV Hydraulic Tree Shear, that can cut up to a 13" diameter tree in a single cut, with the addition of the wider braces as used on the Series V.

Actual capacity depends on type of tree, hydraulic pressure of power unit, and moisture content of tree or season of the year.

We have three standard hitch options that can be built in either the Series IV or Series V shear configuration, making a total of six options.  I would be happy to discuss any special needs that you may have.  I have built several special versions for customers that may not be shown on my website.

The first hitch option is available to fit tractor 3 point hitch and most front end loaders with four 1" pins.

The second hitch option is dedicated to a skidsteer, with the skidsteer receiver/implement bracket welded to the shear hitch.

The third hitch option is designed for those who aren't sure how they may want to use the shear, It has a removable skidsteer adapter that will allow the shear to be used on 3 point hitch, front end loaders, and skid steers.  This hitch configuration is beneficial in the Equipment Rental Industry, meeting the needs of different customers.  This option is also to your advantage if you ever "get done" and desire to resell the shear. 


Tree Shear with Universal Hitch
mounted on Case 1845C Skidsteer.
Tree shear mounted on front end loader
using bale spear frame mounting brackets.

Tree Shear with Universal Hitch, and Opt. Adapt.
for Tractor, loader, or skidsteer.

Tree shear mounted on front end loader
with optional guard installed.

Series V Tree Shear with Guard
mounted on Mahindra 65 hp tractor

Series IV Tree Shear
mounted on John Deere 4430

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