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Cutter Specifications:

Equipped with two 5" cylinders. 

(Series IV - 8" stroke.  Series V - 10" stroke.)

Operating Pressure Required: 1200-3000 psi (Capacity will vary relative to available pressure)


Cutter Capacity: 

Series IVUp to 13" diameter trees in a single cut. 

Series VUp to 14-3/4" diameter trees in a single cut. 



The current models have the same advantages as the earlier units, with the addition of the following features.

  1. The hitch used on Skid Steer applications can be modified for increased visibility of blades from operator seat.  The center column and rear angle brackets can be removed and replaced with Female Implement Bracket, welded to hitch.
  2. Square blade braces are now stronger than the earlier round versions, not welded, and are bolted together.  Newer square braces can be retrofit to any of the earlier units that had round blade braces.  Welding on blades is not advisable and may cause cracks, leading to broken blade.  If unfortunate use causes blade to be bent, blades can be cold straightened in hydraulic press, making replacement unneccessary.  Blade replacement is very rare thus far. 
  3. Standard 5" Cylinder has 2" Shaft, 1-1/2" Thread, and Heavy Clevis.  Cylinder clevis pins have been removed and replaced with Grade 8 Bolts.  (Larger cylinder shafts will reduce cylinder power when retracting from trees that are too big to cut in first attempt, causing damage to machine, blades, etc. when attempting to yank shear out of partially cut tree!).


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